NE Deluxe 1.01

Brain-teasing, number-crunching puzzle game


  • Addictive and challenging gameplay
  • 80 levels
  • Easy controls


  • Annoying music


I love a good logic puzzle but grow tired of playing the same kind of games all the time. That's why I enjoy testing new and original puzzlers like NE.

This latest release is a Deluxe version of the original NE, which adds 50 new levels, new backgrounds and extra music.

The game gives your brain cells a workout by charging you with the task of clearing a maze of numbered tiles. You start each level from a 'start' tile and must reach the 'goal' tile having cleared all the tiles on the board. The numbers you see on each tile show you how many times you must visit it in order to destroy it. Some tiles contain arrows, which only let you move in that direction. When you leave the arrow tile it will be destroyed. You'll also encounter pairs of teleportation tiles which send you from one to the other.

All this may sound a bit complicated but almost as soon as you start the first level of NE Deluxe you'll figure it out. And once you get started you'll find it very difficult to put the game down. The first of the levels are pretty easy but it soon becomes pretty perplexing and the challenge of figuring out the right route is very addictive.

NE Deluxe is nicely presented apart from most of the music which repeats throughout the game. This looping soundtrack is so annoying and gets stuck in your head even after you've stopped playing.

If you're up for a bit of a logical challenge NE Deluxe offers a teasing time filler for those boring bus journeys.



NE Deluxe 1.01

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